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Get Rid Of

What does Jesus want to remove from my life so Holy Spirit can fill that place? 

Ascension & Pentecost

How does the Ascention of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit affect my life today? 

May 15, 2022

Dr Rick Parker

Mother's Day 2022

Scars remind us of God's fairhtulfness in our lives

Testimonies from 2021-2022

Praise God for His faithfulness

Easter Series 2022

A close look at the 23rd Psalm

Jan/Feb 2022

Surrendering our Toxic Thinking to God

New Years 2022

Live like you are a New Creation

Advent 2021

Come and See Jesus

A Christmas Greeting from

PR and PC 2021

The Chosen

What does it mean to be Chosen?


God is Trustworthy, are you? 


Life made SIMPLE

Divine Direction

Following God's leading in your life


Jesus wants to help you STAND


Easter Series

Jesus wants to help you ARISE

A Way Out

Dealing with and conquering Temptation

Jesus Worthy of Our Devotion

Daniel Crocker - January 3, 2021

Advent 2020

Jesus bring hope, peace, joy and love to a weary world.

Thanksgiving 2020

How being Thankful gives you a second wind. 

The Return

If you return to God, He will return to you. 

Zechariah 1:3

Virtual Communion 8/30/2020

Get some bread and some juice and we'll lead you in communion.

The Real God

What comes to mind when you think about God?

How do you think God thinks about you?

Cast Seeds of Greatness

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


What does it really mean to love and be loved?

Advent 2019

A closer look at some of the names of Jesus

Snow Day Sunday


Having a Thankful Heart

Veterans Sunday 2019

A special tribute to our Veterans

Made Whole

Church on the Lawn

Church in the Chapel

Encounters with Jesus will make you whole.

Why Didn't I Do That Sooner?

A series on the book of James.

Special guests:

Chris and Meredith Wood

Better Greater Stronger

An inspiring, series on the powerful roles of the Holy Spirit. 

Inspiration Sunday at Lighthouse

Find out what God is doing at Lighthouse!

Red Letter Day

Easter Series 2019


Unleash the power of God in your life!

Live from North Carolina

Pastor Rob and Pastor Cheryl

Great and Awesome New Year

A 2 week series for the New Year!

Great and Awesome Christmas

Advent 2018

Videos coming soon!

Anxious for Nothing

Finding Calm in a Chaotic World 

I Can Only Imagine

4 week Series

Videos coming soon!

Back to Church - Back to the Future

A 2 Week Back to Church series

Videos coming soon!

The Ten Commandments

Welcome to our Ten Commandment Series!

We Believe

Welcome to our Advent sermon series We Believe!


In this series we discuss God's blessings!

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