Deep Love is not a book or a video - it’s an experience powered by a unique assessment that takes just 15 minutes to complete.

You’ll instantly receive your personalized 10-page report and enjoy the Action Plan that helps you unpack it.

Almost immediately, you’ll understand your two unique personalities - and how they mix - like never before.

You'll also learn about your personal "talk-styles" and uncover your personal “fight type.”

When you sign up below you will be added to the group list.

Before the study begins, you will receive an email with instructions to take the assessment. 

The assessment costs $35 per couple.

(Scholarships are available to cover the cost if needed, please let us know.) 

After taking the online assessment, you will receive a copy of your own personalized report. 

We'll meet together in a small group on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 for 4 consecutive weeks to "unpack" the reports and grow as couples.

Register for the next Deep Love Group below.  

Space is limited to let us know now if you are interested to reserve your spot.  

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