The Ten Commandments Week 7

Welcome to week number 7 of our Ten Commandments  devotional. This week in church we talked about the commandment "You shall not covet."  If you missed the sermon CLICK HERE to watch it now! In this week's devotional we are going to talk about the importance of living for God, not for the world.


Luke 16:15

15He said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of others, but God knows your hearts. What people value highly is detestable in God’s sight.


The commandment “You shall not covet” is a very unique commandment because it's primarily internal. Murdering, stealing and lying are all sins that other people can see. Coveting however is a private sin, you can be coveting and no one would even know. No one except God that is. Coveting so often is overlooked when we examine the areas in our lives that need improvement because we feel as though it's personal and no one else will ever know anyway. This commandment shows us that God not only sees the things we do and hears the words we speak but he also knows our hearts. It’s so important that we not only understand this but we reflect this wisdom in the way we live. Not only should we not be focused on the desires of the world but we also shouldn’t be justifying right and wrong by the same standards as this world does. Every move we make should be with God in mind not only in our actions but in our thoughts and hearts. We need to live for God and for eternity not for this world.


1. Why does it matter if our thoughts are sinful even if we don’t act upon those thoughts?

2. Why is it important to not covet?

3. How can we change or  redirect our thinking to God and heaven instead of worldly things?


This week write down one thing that you are currently coveting and pray about it throughout the week. Every time you start to think of this thing take time to stop and pray about it. If you want you can each write down one thing and swap and pray for each other!


Here are some awesome worship songs to check out this week!

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The Ten Commandments Week 7